August 7, Kazakh karateka Sofia Berultseva won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 20-year-old athlete became the best in the group round and advanced to the semi-finals ahead of schedule. However, in the semi-final defeat, Sofya lost to the Egyptian Feryal Abdelaziz with a score of 5:4 and recorded the « bronze » of the tournament in her asset. In an interview with, the athlete commented on her performance and shared her emotions.

“Of course, I gave it my all. I didn’t have enough until the final, so I was upset. But I did everything I could. Apparently I was destined for bronze.

In this weight only I came out, in the « plus » weight all the girls lost. The other three weighed less. Never met any of them before.

I stuck to one tactic, but after missing a few hits, I got a little lost. But I think the fight came out good, everything was fair. The result is this. »

“When I received my medal, tears welled up in my eyes. I was overwhelmed with emotions: both joy for the award and regret that I could go to the final. Thanks to everyone who supported me.

It is currently unknown whether karate will be in the next Olympic program. If it still happens, I will do my best to participate. You can’t stop. Ahead of the Asian Championship and the World Championship. I’ll rest a bit, heal my injuries and get back to business. »

On December 31, 2020, the head coach of the Kazakhstan karate team Zhastalap Sanauov passed away. Sophia dedicated her today’s award to her mentor.

« The departure of our head coach Zhastalap agai from life hit hard on all of us.

He has invested a lot in us and has always provided us with the federation. Do you want to see us at this Olympics… I dedicate this medal to him,” Sofya Berultseva said.

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