Anouar Bougrine is a Belgian karateka aged of 24 years old,he is performing in -84kilogram category.
He represents Belgium from the youth category.Started karate when He was 5 years old and currently in national team.He gets several selections at Europeans and world championship. Anouar reach the top 20 ranking of the best Karateka of the world.

Anouar Bougrine in Blue belt against Japanese Opponent at Karate Première league 2019

Anouar is 10 times Belgium champion and actual Belgium champion of the year (2023)Many times quarter finalist of the hardest and strongest league of Karate 1.French champion by team & German champion by team,Multiple gold medals in international championship.

Karate is a family passion, a pleasure shared all together but above all a competitive sport where everyone seeks performance and challenges.
Anouar has a persevering character, he trains twice a day, sets up a preparation program 6 months before a competition. He always tries to give the best of himself and this is what led him to be the top 20 karateka in the world. does not intend to stop there, since he already has a world title in mind for the year 2023.

Final match round robin of the karate 1 league Cairo Egypt

In fact, in the Bougrine family, it’s all the siblings who play at the top level of karate. Anouar, 22, Nesrine 21 and twins Amel and Amina, 18,collect titles. All are part of the Belgian National Team of their age categories. Amel has 5 medals in Youth league junior -53kg.Amina has gold medal Youth league junior -59kg.
The competition at the national and international level, that knows them.

With their multiple titles of Belgian champion, their participation in European and world championships, as well as honorable rankings in the world ranking in their respective categories, the Bougrine siblings have a lot of experience and an already dizzying family track record.

« I love the adrenaline of fighting, to go on the tatami make me feel good and I like to push my limits to be able to the best version of myself »

« My next target is the world championship 2023 in Hungary and I will do my best to get there ! »

« As we are a family of 4 , we are all doing karate and we are all 4 in national team. This is unexpected in karate world and being in family is our power.Sharing this all together makes us better people and best connection between us »

In Karate, deadlines go quickly and generational transitions are strong. Anouar has always brought back his fresh side and his technical support to achieve these performances. A physical trainer, a nutritionist, the athlete must be very careful to achieve the best performance on D-Day

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