Ivan Kvesic is is a Croatian karateka, Olympian. He participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.Ivan started karate when. He was 7 years old with his older brother Andjelo (also one of the best heavyweights Croatian Karateka )he decided to follow his lead. Soon He achieved silver at the European championship and became a world champion in Spain 2018. 

Ivan was crowned world champion in 2018, he is part of this golden generation of karate who knew the Olympic path, but everything was not so easy, sacrifices and injuries were part of it, Ivan never backed down the challenge, he traveled the world through high performance. Known for his kicks, he is always working on new exercises, to progress and improve day by day.

« I was very honored to represent my country at Olimpic Games in Tokyo »

« My first international medal was in Salzburg. I was 19 years old, and it was my first Premier League ever. I did extraordinary and beat in that time unbeatable Araga from Japan and took a gold medal. 2017, I took a european bronze medal with my team in Koaceli, winning all my matches. 2018 was an amazing year. I became a world champion, European vice champion. 2019, I became also a European Games champion and European bronze in Guadalajara. Same year, I took medals in Shanghai, Istanbul, and Tokyo Premier Leagues. I was obvious that I was so close to Olimpic Games. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a medal in Tokyo. I finished 5th, but I can be proud that I was among 10 people in the world who were fighting for Olimpic gold. 2021 was mentally so hard. I had five 5th places. European and World championship, Olimpic Games and 2 Premier Leagues and shoulder surgery. Just 6 months after surgery, I claimed podium in Oran. Bronze medal at Mediterranean Games was huge for me and motivation for the future. After surgery, I didn’t get a chance to represent my country individually for the next European championship, but I am looking forward to the future »

« I would collect European and World gold medals, and it was my dream since I started »

Premier League in Rabat is the next stop for the Karate world.

« Probably all the challenges stepping up on my way. During my career, I learned that there is no limitation and that the mental part is the most important in sport.

 When I am mentally prepared and clearly know what I want, there are no boundaries »

« Knowing that I am introducing myself and learning about me every day is priceless »

6. It’s definitely not easy to work with me because I am challenging a lot of people around me. I am always looking for more, and I expect others to be as much professional as I do. I can say that

 I am a hard worker, always motivated for training and searching for new things that I can improve. I am also ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve my goals »

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