The dematerialization of books over the past fifteen years has been accompanied by the massive development of piracy of works, whether it is literature for the general public or that intended for academics. A phenomenon that Amazon has decided to put an end to. little, the American giant even goes so far as to withdraw certain titles from its catalog which are also found in illegal downloading, reports TorrentFreak.

A long fight
Piracy is indeed a significant loss of earnings for Amazon, which dominates the global e-reader market with its Kindle and its e-book store. To try to stop it, the company has been working for fifteen years to obtain the permanent closure of sites that offer these electronic books illegally, such as Z-library recently. In 2014, an “unlimited” digital book subscription service was even launched, Kindle Unlimited, in the hope that it would have the impact that SVOD platforms have had on piracy.

So many initiatives that would not have been sufficiently fruitful, since now Amazon wants to directly punish authors who have subscribed to the Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select) formula. According to several testimonies collected by TorrentFreak, several writers have seen their titles withdrawn from the Kindle Unlimited formula for non-compliance with the exclusivity clause of the KDP Select contract.

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