Every year, Apple introduces new special colors for its iPhone “Pro” models with “Space Black” and “Deep Purple” most recently coming to the iPhone 14 Pro. For the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple-focused news site 9to5Mac now offers a first look at a new special edition dark red color.

Labeled the hex code #410D0D, the supposed iPhone 15 Pro-exclusive color is a wine-like dark reddish brown described as dark sienna. For standard models, Apple is reportedly leaning towards a light blue (#CE3B6C) and pink (#0DB1E2). With the iPhone 15 yet to enter production, sources warn that the colors are still subject to change.

Other speculative features for the iPhone 15 Pro Max reportedly include a titanium frame featuring a thicker body and slimmer bezel as well as no physical buttons, a
switch to USB-C port and new cameras with periscope lenses.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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