It’s safe to say England and Arsenal’s golden boy, Bukayo Saka had a busy 2022. Fresh off the Qatar World Cup with three goals under his belt as well as his club currently being at the top of the Premier League, the young star has now unveiled his debut boot with New Balance, the Furon v7 Signature edition.

Having been on the receiving end of a barrage of racist abuse following the Euro 2020 finals, it witnessed swathes of support from fans driving demand for anti-racism merchandise and calls for Instagram to act on hate-fuelled trolling.

Despite the negativity, from the press and public, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the things that mattered most: his community. He became the youngest recipient of the Freedom of Ealing award in 2020 following his stellar performance at the tournament and these are the moments of recognition that make it all worthwhile. “Ealing’s home,” Saka says. “It shaped my life. All of the opportunities I’ve had started in Ealing.”

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