Bout with POORSHAB ZABIOLLAH (IRAN REP. ISLAMIC OF) vs ELMASRY AHMED (EGYPT) in category Male Kumite -84Kg Senior Photo taken during Karate 1-Premier League Paris 2018 (Stade Pierre de Coubertin) on 28/01/2018. Event organized by World Karate Federation. ©2018 Xavier Servolle / Kphotos

The captain of Iran national Team,Zabiollah Poorshab represent his country since his young age.

Fighter in -84 kilograms category ,Zabiollah Poorshab left his important signature for the country’s success, climbing to the third step of the podium in World Championship.

Also Asian Game medalist,Zabiollah a champion on the tatami get  1 gold at the World Games, 4 world titles and 3 third places,1 continental bronze and 11 medals in the major international Premier League circuit, called Karaté 1 Première league.

Zabiollah Poorshab is a pressure fighter who moves forward and chases his opponents down. He has a style that is beautiful in its simplicity: move forward and hit. Zabiollah has won countless titles at every level, including taking his country to a gold medal at the World Championships. Although his fighting style is brutal, he has a surprisingly gentle personality and enjoys working with youth teaching them the values of hard work and dedication through karate.

During the Olympic qualification circuit,Zabiollah get the Rank 2 with 8 Gold medal in Karate 1 League « I love the competition ,I’m fighter.I always give my heart to Karate. » says Zabiollah Poorshab.Preparing for the next Asian games 2023 Guangzhou China.

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