Saeid Ahmadi Karyani is an Iranian Karateka,He began karate training at age eight, with his first coach Touraj Sasani at Azadegan Karate Club and, from 2008 to 2011, won several medals of provincial and national karate. In 2012, he became a member of the Iran karate national team.

He has participated in three world championships , WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 Paris where he got the silver medal in the category of -67kg.

He became world champion in 2014 in Bremen, Germany and 2016 in Linz Austria.

Saeid won several medals and trophies during his career, reach 4 gold medal in Karate premier league(World cup) , he also perform gold medalist at WORLD GAMES 2013 Russia.

Member of Iranian national team , he gets 4 historical medals at Asian championship and 1 gold at Islamic Games 2013 Baku Azerbaïdjan.

Strong presence with offensive flair, Saeid know how to mix speed and strategy,his high skills bring him to achieve a lot on his career.His name is well know in Top ranked fighter in the world. « First of all, I would like to say that Karate is an exciting sport, but also a very demanding one. To succeed, you have to be determined and willing to make sacrifices. It is important to work hard every day to improve your skills, and to believe in yourself and your abilities,effort, sweat, sacrifice »says Saeid Ahmadi.

We asked Saeid about his secret of his amazing career « I have always been very careful about my physical form. I’m a big believer in regular workouts and healthy eating. I am also very aware of the need to rest and recover properly between games and training »

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