Luca Costa during the battle of semi final-European Championship 2022

On May 28, the karateka from Liège Luca Costa won silver in Gaziantep in Turkey and achieved the greatest achievement of his career after three bronze medals in the Premier League And reach the Top 8 Rank of the world.

After two bronze medals, in Karate Premiere League Portugal and Morocco, the member of Belgium National Team became vice-champion of Europe in the category of +84 kilograms,end of May, in Turkey.

Luca Costa on the left fighting for bronze medal match against Spain

The 25-year-old heavyweight karateka from Liège was crowned European vice-champion in his category this weekend in Gaziantep in Turkey. « Lap after lap it went really well, » said Luca. « I really raised my level fight after fight, and it resulted in my first European final, my first medal at this level, a performance that Belgium has been waiting for for more than 15 years. This tournament sums up a bit of all the competitions in my season where I was gaining momentum and where I felt almost untouchable until the final as I did not cash in a single point until then. Reaching the final was an explosion of joy but there are this defeat and therefore we can’t fully savor this title. This 2nd place is a great mix of joy and disappointment. When you lose a final, it’s always difficult to savor as much as possible. »

Luca Costa in blue color doing amazing kick on the head to his opponent.

Also with 3 bronze medals in the Premier League this season, Luca Costa also contributed to a historic 4th place by team for Belgium during this same tournament. Great rewards therefore for the one who is currently 12th in the world. « What a season frankly! Especially since I had very bad passes… After the world championship in October, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue karate. I told myself that I had done the trick , that I had the medals that I had to get and that I couldn’t go much further. I had big disappointments with my injuries, I was often injured so I had one bit fed up. But I spoke with my father and we said to each other to go at least to the end of this season. And since my recovery after my injury, I have not had any failures! I have had a medal in Portugal, another in Morocco, I was Belgian champion and vice-champion of Europe. It gives me a boost for the future! »

Luca celebrate his European medal (Gaziantep,Turkey)

Luca reach the Top 8 Ranked in the world ranking of the world karate Federation « what an honor, the work pays off. I have to continu more and more to reach my goal »

Luca Costa represents a promising future for Belgian karate, he is pursuing objectives that match with his ambitions. The rest of the season starts very quickly and Luca already has one foot on the accelerator.To make it possible to assert a career driven by performance, the world championships will take place November 2023 in Budapest(Hungary)Luca sees great things in it.

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