Twitter has experienced major problems with posting some images and links – the second time in a week it has suffered technical issues.

Clicking on links in posts resulted in users receiving an error message.

Twitter said some parts of the service were not « working as expected » and blamed an internal change that « had some unintended consequences ».

It later said « things should now be working as normal. Thanks for sticking with us! »

Frequent Problems

Experts have noted that the platform seems to be experiencing more technical issues of late.

Following previous problems on 1 March that lasted two hours, Alp Toker, director of internet outage tracker NetBlocks, said Twitter’s reliability issues seemed to have increased under Mr Musk’s leadership.

« It started shortly before the Musk takeover itself, » he said, but added: « The main spike has happened after the takeover, with four to five incidents in a month – which was comparable to what used to happen in a year. »

Twitter has joined other tech giants in cutting significant numbers of staff, including a fresh round of cuts just seven days ago, although there is no evidence that this is the cause of the latest problems.

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