Pola Giorgetti bronze medalist at Karate Séria A Pamplona(Number two starting from the right with white jacket)

On January 30, Pola Giorgetti won the bronze medal in the Karate Première League Serie A Pampelona , Spain.

An important step in her career of champion, who bring her name in the top Karateka of the world in the category of +68 kilograms.

To obtain this precious bronze medal for the rest of her career, Pola Giorgetti knew how to tame her doubts and weaknesses, especially when facing opponents she too often considered better than her. To achieve this, she notably began to work with a mental coach. By adding the will and a new grinta, she picked the fruit of her efforts at the right time.

Pola Giorgetti in the red color doing a middle kick to her Japanese opponent.

Few days before her performance,Pola Giorgetti left Paris Karate Open tatami disappointed. Unlucky in the draw by falling on the French number one, Nancy Garcia, in the first round, she then failed in the repechage fight against the Finn Titta Keinänen, 3-2, after having led 2-0 for a long time. “I was no longer nervous at all for this match, I was well in my head, calm. And I said to myself « come on, I’m going to fight like at home, like at home ». I scored a nice mawashi to the body, which allowed me to lead 2-0. She then struggled to catch up, as more than a minute passed without her scoring a point. And the three that the judges give her on her kick… frankly, normally the kick must hit the face and there I have my two gloves in opposition, so for me she should not have scored them, ”she reacted in the corridors of Pierre de Coubertin a few minutes after this defeat. But rather than dwell on a feeling of failure, Pola Giorgetti already preferred to draw all the positives from this fight and plan for the future: « It’s good for my mind to tell me that I’m at the same level as the 7th world, it’s a parameter that allows the season to get off to a good start. »

The season did not take long to take on a particular flavor the following week, at the K1 series A in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Stimulated by her level in Paris, focused on her goal, determined, the resident of the Niederanven club won the bronze medal by beating the Czech Martina Sachova (1-0). His first senior medal in the WKF (World Karate Federation)! A release for the Luxembourger, who expresses all her joy at the end of this memorable day: « Martina Sachova is 17th in the world and has already fought for bronze at the World Championships… When I saw this morning that I was falling against her , I decided to stop thinking, to trust my karate, to let go. To have a cool head, but a burning heart! I managed to score in the last minute with a punch to the face and then manage the end of the fight… At the end, what a relief! It’s my first big medal in seniors, I’m so happy! »

An incredible performance that will give hope for the rest of the season. Pola represents a generational hope for Luxembourg karate. The bar is high when it comes to goals, discipline, perseverance and sacrifice are the key words for Pola. The season

« The season has started very quickly with many new deadlines, many trips around the world. We must put in place an important physical and nutritional recovery system to be at the top on D-Day » said Pola Giorgetti.

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