As current UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski looks to become a double champ this weekend in his highly-anticipated Lightweight title fight against Islam MakhachevFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sends his best wishes to the Aussie fighter via a post of a sparring session that took place in the metaverse last year.

“Last year UFC #1 pound-for-pound fighter Alex Volkanovski stopped by Meta HQ to train with me and for fun,” writes Zuckerberg. “We tested the limits of our performance avatars with motion capture in our Engage gear. Good luck this weekend Alex!”

With “Down Under” by Men At Work playing in the background, the video snaps between real-life footage of Zuckerberg and Volkanovski facing off in motion capture suits with their avatars doubles simultaneously battling it out in the shapeshifting Metaverse arena. The surreal clash evokes Neo and Morpheus within The Matrix Sparring Program dojo as Zuckerberg showcases what he’s been working on in his off-time, testing spinning heel kicks and flying knees against one of the world’s bests.

“Metaverse has a new P4P #1,” writes the UFC in the comments.

Take a look at the footage above and catch Alexander Volkanovski’s title bout this Sunday, February 12 at the UFC 284 main event.

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