Audi is leaning more into motorsport with the launch of its latest mountain bike. The electric Audi RS Q e-tron Dakar racer is billed as the “ultimate off-roader,” bringing together 180mm suspension travel, meaning the amount of movement the suspension fork has, with specially designed tires.

For this addition to Audi’s electric range, the company teamed up with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Fantic. With a frame engineered from lightweight aluminum, riders are given the ability to move their bikes in tune with rocky terrain. Located within the frame is the 36-Volt Fantic Integra battery pack, supplying power to a 90Nm torque motor. A digital display on the handlebars will indicate battery status and speed.

The bike offers four different levels of electric assistance, depending on the amount of power a rider needs. Eco lends itself to maximum efficiency, while Tour is meant for a slight electric boost. Sport increases the level for sport cycling, while Boost is the most powerful, designed for hilly routes.

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