Botong Nagy at World Championship 2021 Dubai

Botond Nagy is a Karateka Athlet from Hungary , member of National Karate Team, he perform Kata representing his country on the top level of the world. The current Guinness Record holder for the fastest response time roundhouse kick, and European University Champion. Graduated as an electrical engineer, Botond shows that it is possible to achieve the double project in harmonic.

Botond Nagy during his Bronze medal match at European Championship against his opponent from Italia.

Botond is graduate of 2 Dan of Shito ryu, 30th on the actual World karate federation ranking.

Representing Hungary at World Karate Championship

He did start Karate as KUMITE , but after his performance in Kata , he qualified for his first selection to represent the country in world championship.

« I have two Senseis now and both have a really important role in my life. My Hungarian Sensei is Attila Szinak, who sometimes knows my body and my feelings more than anybody else. He has been working with me since I was a child. My Japanese Sensei is Sekine Hirokazu, who helps me weekly how I can be the very best in the World. He teaches me a lot and tells me all the Japanese secrets. I am like his own son, which is quite rare nowadays especially in Japan, where I am only a foreigner. I was also able to learn from Japanese National coaches Mabuni Soke, Amemiya Sayuri and Oki Itaru »said Botond Nagy.

He became a professional athlete since few years ago and that’s make the big step on his career. An advantage on the organization of the calendar but also on the stages of preparation. The work is done and more and more correctly.

« Since we started working together my karate is on the right path »Botond Nagy

Botong Nagy (Hungary)

In Karate, deadlines go quickly and generational transitions are strong. Botond has always brought back his fresh side and his technical support to achieve these performances. A physical trainer, a nutritionist, the athlete must be very careful to achieve the best performance on D-Day. Since the Young age Botond develop the wish to be world champion , he could do anything to achieve his goal.

The kata are technical sequences that require a lot of repetition, discipline and rigor. The hours of training cannot be counted. Love takes precedence over pain and sacrifices

« Of course my dream is to win as many international tournaments as I can, but in addition I would like to show a great role model to the younger generations in karate and in real life too. I want to prove that elite sport and making a career in private life can exist parallel »Botond Nagy

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