Mohammed Al-Mosawi born 12 May 1995 is a Kuwaiti Karateka who represent his country at OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020.
Mohamed Al Mosawi have reach different step on his professional career,he won several international pride.World bronze medalist,Asian Gold medalist , and multiple time Premier League Gold medalist.
He competed at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament held in Paris, France.He did not qualify at this tournament but he qualified after the allocation of Tripartite Commission Invitation places and the reassignment of the last qualifying spots.

Mohamed doing doing content video for his sponsor.

Only one Karate athlete from Kuwait who qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in 2021 between thousands of athletes who were trying to qualify to that big event.

Mohamed is working as an electrical engineer and has permission from sport authority to be part-time free to focus practicing karate and achieve his goals.

Mohamed Al Mosawi focus on the final performance of Asian Championship Tashkent,Uzbekistan

This year of 2023 is filled with short and medium term goals, lot of competition will attend the next few month,Asian Championships in Malaysia, Asian Games in China and World Championships. Mohamed is keeping working hard with his brothers and teammates , he is training 2 times a day for 3hours each.His dedication and hard work leads him to keep going and never ever give up until he achieve what he wants.He always have the target to achieve his goals to be a World Karate Champion and win an Olympic medal to his country. 

« I have done so many for my country through Karate »

World championship 2021 Dubai EAU

« I believe that everything comes step by step so we are working hard and following each goal one by one »

« It makes me happy to represent my country all over the world, I’m always proud to let people know Kuwait throughout my sport and achievements, and also what makes me happy is that whenever I work harder, I win and achieve my goals more and more »said Mohamed Al Mosawi.

« I can describe myself as a hard worker who never gives up, and who never believes in something called “Impossible” because I always believe the Impossible is nothing! And you always can achieve what you want. »

« If Karate goes to Olympic Games again in Los Angles 2028 and that is my biggest goal »

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