Brandon Lizandro Ramirez González is a Karateka from Guatemala.He started karate at the age of 7 years old, and now he represent his country on -84kg category.He has participated to the Olympics Qualification tournament in Paris 2021,to obtain an entry to Olympic Games Tokyo2020.Brandon currently follows that dream of being a hero for my country.

Brandon Ramirez speaking about his bout at Pan American Games 2019

His most important achievements are:

Silver Medal Pan American Champion 2014 (Colombia),Bronze Medal Under 21 Pan American Championship 2012 (Mexico)Bronze Medal Series A Santiago de Chile 2018,Bronze Medal in Bolivarian Games 2022 (Colombia)Bronze Medal Central American and Caribbean Games 2018,Silver and Bronze medal in Central American Championships,Shito Ryu Pan American Gold Medal,Ibero-American Karate Bronze Medal 2014

He will be known for his style, his perseverance and his work. Of a strong character, Brandon do not oppose the fight and always wants to be the winner, his instinct of champion will lead him to the highest step of the podium. He will be crowned champion at home thanks to-for his public. « I fought for myself, for my country. I represented my country, Guatemala,with honor throughout the world. This will be my greatest pride »

Brandon Ramirez Lisandro winning games medal for his country Guatemala

« I consider myself a person who never gives up, fights for what he wants, even though he walked hard and stumbled, but I try to be strong and I keep going for that reason, maybe I’m not the best in karate, but with my effort and perseverance, Of course, with the help of my family, my coach Pavel Reyes, my friends, colleagues and people who care about me, I know that I will be the best »said Brandon to F5react.

« My target this year is Pan American Games and Caribbean Games. Achieve a medal and good performance »

«  I want to have a world medal this year »said Brandon Ramirez.

« In my work, he described me as a passionate, dedicated person who always seeks to be the best in everything. I know that sometimes it is bad to be ambitious, but I always fought to be the bestand whenever there is a chance to win I will try »said Brandon.

In Karate, deadlines go quickly and generational transitions are strong. Brandon has always brought back his fresh side and his technical support to achieve these performances. A physical trainer, a nutritionist, the athlete must be very careful to achieve the best performance on D-Day

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