Carlota Fernandez is a Female Karateka,Born in Cantabria (Spain).Started karate when She had 6 years, Carlotta get her first success at her first national championship at the young age of 16 years old.

Collecting national medals from an early age, she quickly confirmed these performances among seniors. He will quickly establish himself among the seniors. but she will suffer an Lcl injury to the ligaments of the knees.In parallel with her brilliant sports career, Carlota studied as a lawyer and more particularly as a sports lawyer.She will earn her starting spot at the age of 22 years old ,and will represent Spain in -55 kilograms since 2018.Which will allow her to reach the top 10 of the world ranking.

Final bout Carlota Fernandez representing Spain against Croatia – Karate Première League Tokyo Japan

In 2022, she will get the bronze medal with her teammates from the Spanish team.

« This year, I change my categorie from -55 kilograms to -61 kilograms,although I have to accept a transition period. »

« I only think about be better every day, enjoy my trainings and feeling good day by day,that is the key for achieve big goals.I train for be a better athlete and Karateka each day, but always thinking about conquer the world »

Carlota celebrating her victory.

« My target right now is win matches at premier league and level up at the world ranking, but the real goal this year is the world championship. I want to be world champion »

« My way of being, I am ambitious and competitive. I need challenges every day and goals for which to get up in the morning, that’s why I think I’m a professional athlete.

It makes me happy to meet my goals, look for new limits and test myself, and be an inspiration for others, especially girls. »

National Team of Spain

« I think I’m the total athlete, I never fail my workouts, rest, take care of my diet, and I’m always focused on my goals. My physique is my best weapon, and I take care of it to the fullest. On the other hand, I am super constant and I always try to achieve everything I propose, I think that will be my best legacy and the example I can give. 

I am a fighter and warrior with everything that life puts in front of me, in sports, in the studio or at work; and I am a believer that everything can be achieved with hard work and ambition. »

Karate is a sports discipline that requires a lot of concentration and willpower. The opponents face each other for 3 minutes in the eliminatory round, round after round. Carlota is a complete athlete who stands out from the others, she has physical and strategic assets that allow her to achieve its performance.

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