An unprecedented collaboration between American travel trailer manufacturer Airstream and Porsche Design‘s Studio F. A. Porsche has been unveiled in the form of an innovative travel trailer concept — the Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer.

Both companies have united decades of design experience to develop this next-generation recreational vehicle, which features an elevated design with cues to Airstream’s hallmarked aluminum aesthetics. Addressing the RV market’s changing demographics, the concept focuses on expanding the interiors and maximizing the dwellers’ space within the vehicle. Evident in the extensive use of skylights and windows to augment the interior’s spatial design, an implemented pop-up roof also provides additional headroom.

In addition, a lowering suspension is also incorporated, which allows the vehicle to be conveniently stored in any regular residential garage. The new rear shape also encourages better airflow while the trailer is in motion. This is a result of the advanced aerodynamics that has been integrated into the vehicle’s design, which also encompasses a flushed underside with reduced drag-creating projections.

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