Amritpal Kaur is a Karateka from India who is performing in -55kilograms.Member of Indian National Karate Team ,Former world ranking under21-26,she became with hard work a,d sacrifice the top 70 World ranking. Multiples medals on her category, her biggest Achievements Is Gold medal at Commonwealth championship,Bronze medal at Asian championship 2018  (Japan ) and 5 times gold medalist at South Asian championship.

Amritsar Kaur fighting against KGZ at Asian championship.

Know the story of Amritpal Kaur

There has probably never been a more pertinent time than now, to bring into the spotlight one of India’s lesser-known sportswomen who has been quietly amassing medals for the country, including the Gold at the South Asian Championships (in Karate) last year, since she 14. Unfortunately, for Amritpal Kaur, her choice of sport has not been prolific enough to ensure she gets her due. But her story is a remarkable one—one of grit, determination and steely resolve, one that could inspire thousands of other young girls currently disillusioned and disheartened by the widespread patriarchy and economic disparity we continue to battle, even in 2020.

Amrit doing an amazing kick to the head of her opponent

Despite the setback, however, Kaur’s campaign to become the first Indian to win the gold medal at the Karate World Championships next year is well on course, now with the support of sports enthusiasts, businessman, educationist and sports-specific movie producer Sujay Jairaj. The latter, who, for several years now has been tracking and helping up and coming talent in sports like badminton, hockey, shooting and karate from rural as well as urban areas, has pledged financial support and other necessary resources to Kaur so she realises her dream and brings back a medal for the country.

“There have been many challenges,” says the Kaur, a black belt in Sito Tyo Seiko Kai (one of the major style in karate, most popular in West Japan). “Initially, even my parents were not supportive of my decision as they wanted me to do something with academics. Plus, we had no money for my training, and because karate is such a low-profile sport, funding (whether from the government or from private sources) has been is hard to come by.”

« I’m training since 11 years old for my goal and My goal is to become  a World champion . I attend lot of training camps as well to enhance my knowledge and skills. »

« Apart from training these days m working on nutritional and mental part as well »

« Doing karate gives me peace a sense of calmness which I don’t get anywhere . We can say it’s the love for the sport or karate is simply my oxygen »

« I joined karate just to learn self defence later on I got to know it is a sport and I sticked to this game since »

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