Gwalior’s Niharika Kaurav Won Bronze Medal: Niharika Kaurav of Gwalior has won bronze medal in London. International karate player Niharika Kaurav won the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championship in England. in England) by winning bronze medal in 68 kg senior category (Niharika won bronze medal in 68 kg senior category) has made the name of Madhya Pradesh proud in the world as well as the country. Niharika will now represent the country in the World Karate Series to be held in Turkey from 23 to 25 September. Niharika’s next goal is to win gold in the World Karate Series.

Niharika learned Karate for self-defense.
Let us tell you that Niharika had learned karate for the purpose of saving herself. Today she is known as Iron Girl in the world of Karate. He is MP champion since 2011. Niharika has won many medals at the young age of 23. He has so far led India in many international events including Indonesia, Egypt and has won 5 gold medals.

Achieving this position was not easy
The position that Niharika Kaurav achieved today was not so easy and she had to face many taunts of the society, but she did not lose courage and won many gold medals, bringing laurels to Madhya Pradesh as well as the whole country. . She focused only and only on her game and due to this, today she is playing the game of Madhya Pradesh and India with her game all over the world.

The journey of Niharika’s success started from the school college competition. In the year 2011, he saw the Madhya Pradesh Karate Championship (Madhya Pradesh Karate Championship) for the first time. Winning the title of Madhya Pradesh Karate Championship from 2011 to 2022. He has won medals 10 times his age till now. By playing in 7 international competitions, Niharika won 5 gold medals for India. Now Tucker is going to go to the World Wide Series from 23 September.

Recent Achievements of Niharika Kaurav

 1. World Karate Series-2022 (Egypt, Cairo) 

 2.Senior Commonwealth  Karate Championship -2022  (Birmingham United Kingdom)

 3. World Karate Series -2022(Turkey)

 4. South Asian Senior Karate Championship -2022 (Sri Lanka) *Gold Medal*

5. World Karate Series -2022 (Indonesia) 

 6. Asian Karate Senior Championship -2022 (Uzbekistan) 

 7. Junior Commonwealth Karate Championship-2015 *Gold Medal* (India)

 8. World Karate Championship-2016 (Indonesia)

 9. Senior Commenwealth club Karate championship-2022, Birmingham,UK *bronze medal* 

10.All India University Games-2023 (Chhattisgarh) *Silver Medal*

 11. Senior National Karate Championship-2023 (Dehradun) *Gold Medal*

 11. Gold medalist in Madhya Pradesh state level since 2010 till now

12. Continuously National champion National level since 2011 till now 

 *Selected for upcoming international competitions*

 1. World Karate Series -2023 March 10-12 (Turkey)

 2. World Karate Series -2023

 April 12-15 (Canada)

 3. World Senior Premier League -2023 (Morocco)

 4. World Senior Karate League-2023

 Jun (Japan)

 5. Asian Senior Karate Championship -2023 July 21-24 (Malaysia)

 6. World Karate Senior Championship -2023 October (Hungary)

 Recent Honors

 #Atal Gaurav Samman -2022

 # Gwalior Gaurav Chambal Samman-2023

 #Champion of the year-2023

 # Proud of Madhya Pradesh -2022

 # Major Dhyan Chand Award-2022




Niharika Kaurav has been honored with more than 100 honors. She is currently the  Brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign of India’s daughters 

 *Currently Niharika Kaurav is world number 79 top player and India’s number 1 player*

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