Hypeart and THE SHOPHOUSE have launched their group exhibition called Global Citizens – Asia, which features the works of 14 emerging Asian artists from various cities around the world. The exhibition is taking place at THE SHOPHOUSE’s lifestyle and exhibition space in a restored 1930s shophouse in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. The show, which is on view until March 12th, highlights the latest forms of portraiture that reflect contemporary societal attitudes.

Portraiture has historically been a record of one’s life and emotions through painted, sculpted, or drawn portraits. However, this exhibition hones in on unconventional compositions rooted in portraiture and how it is evolving. Hypeart and THE SHOPHOUSE have curated a diverse lineup of artists from Amsterdam, Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Xuzhou, who are displaying pieces that range from biopic cues to surrealism and abstraction.

One of the participating artists, Xue Ruozhe, depicts minimalist female figures, isolated hands, and scenes of daily life that offer a kaleidoscopic viewpoint of contemporary notions. Zhang Haoyan’s work features dreamlike figures and fantastical elements that subvert traditional portraiture, and Natisa Jones uses various mediums such as writing, drawing, painting, and video to explore the theme of duality.

Zhou Xinyu’s visceral portraiture of real-life figures stem from ephemeral moments she has experienced, while ¥ouada’s works examine the intersection of his own identity with that of youth, street, and other cultural scenes through forced co-branding.

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