When Yankunytjatjara woman Margaret Smith hears more money is being poured into Central Australia, she doesn’t celebrate.

She waits. Waits for clarity.

And waits to see whether the cash will actually make it to the communities that need it the most and the programs making a real difference on the ground.

Claims funding is lost to Darwin

The Northern Territory receives, proportionally, the largest share of federal funding of any state or territory.

When it comes to GST distribution, the NT government collects the highest per capita slice, at almost $5 for every dollar of GST raised.

Tasmania receives the second highest amount, but the NT still gets twice as much.

This constant flow of money into the territory is supposed to address stark levels of poverty and disadvantage among First Nations communities.

And yet, many Indigenous leaders claim very little is changing on the ground for those most desperately in need.

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