Researchers have produced a detailed « future flood map » of Britain – simulating the impact of flooding as climate change takes its toll. 

It has revealed that annual damage caused by flooding could increase by more than a fifth in today’s terms over the next century. 

That could be reduced if pledges to reduce global carbon emissions are met.

Climate change is set to have a particular impact on « hotspots » where homes and businesses are in harm’s way.

The annual cost of flood damage across the UK currently, according to the Association of British Insurers, is £700m. 

Chief research officer at Fathom, Dr Oliver Wing, explained that it was crucial to understand how that « flood risk landscape » would change in a warming world, because it will be different for every community. 

 « Our model shows that there are many places where flood risk is growing, » said Dr Wing. « Being able to understand the communities where this is likely to happen allows us to make sensible investment decisions – about flood defence structures, natural flood management or even moving people out of harm’s way. »    

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