TikTok is continuously ideating new ways to let creators make money on the platform. Following reports that the app was testing out paywalled content for select creators, TikTok has officially announced the launch of a new feature called Series.

“Developed with our community’s love of sharing authentic stories, expertise and experiences in mind, Series enables eligible creators to post Collections of premium content behind a paywall which viewers can purchase for access,” TikTok detailed in its announcement.

A single Series can include up to 80 videos, each of which can be up to 20 minutes in length. Content creators are then allowed to decide how much their series will be paywalled for.

On the viewer side, users can purchase access to a Series via direct in-video links or directly through a content creator’s profile.

Series is currently only available to select content creators, though TikTok will begin to field applications for those who want to use the feature within the coming months.

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