The city of Amsterdam has launched a campaign warning to young British men, telling them to “stay away” if they are just looking to drink and take drugs when they visit.

Local authorities in Amsterdam are reportedly deliberately targeting British citizens aged 18 to 35 who are searching online for places to stay for stag parties and cannabis and drinking in the Dutch city.

One video from the campaign captures a young drunk male being handcuffed and arrested after smashing a glass in a side street. “Coming to Amsterdam for a messy night and getting trashed = €140 fine + criminal record = fewer prospects,” the clip warned.

Another clip has also surfaced that shows an unconscious tourist on a park bench being treated by paramedics and taken away in an ambulance. The clip also includes another message that states: “Lose control = hospital trip + permanent health damage = worried family,” the video says. “Coming for drugs? Stay away.”

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